Types of Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Most of the time, B&Bs spring up from renovating a home or building a small intimate space where people can rent to sleep and have breakfast. Even though the concept is similar in B&Bs, there are different types, each with unique features.


In this form of B&B, both the owner of the establishment and the guests are in the same house. In most cases, the owner uses the B&B as a secondary income. They are also always, perhaps with the help of some few employees, the ones who offer services. Homestays are generally smaller because they are within the home of someone else.

Bed and Breakfast

There are instances when a family moves, and they use their former residence as a B&B. In such a case, the owner does not live in the same compound, but they convert their homes into accommodation. They are always still typically small but not as restrictive as a homestay.

Country Inn

This is a type of bed and breakfast that extends to give more services than just bed and breakfast. They could provide lunch and other services that restaurants do. They can take a larger group of maybe up to ten, but they still maintain their intimate feel. They may also offer dining services to members of the public.


These are in the form of detached buildings that exist outside of the main house to host guests. They give the guests more privacy, and some even allow the guests to cook, depending on the accommodation policies. The owners of the B&B always provide services like cleaning and sharing directions in case the guests want to move about.

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

This may sound like a contradiction, but there are some Bed and Breakfasts that have been built for commercial purposes. They have more than the ordinary number of rooms that the earlier mentioned B&Bs have.